TSX 303 distortion mangler effect overdrive

TSX 303 V3

Distortion / Overdrive Pedal +
Acid Reflux Damage Effects

The main objective behind this new pedal was to create one of the best sounding distortion for the TB-303. Guitar players, forget it, this is not for you. For acid lovers, take the time to listen samples.

What's new for the V3 ?
A new toggle switch offering 3 different bass inputs amount. So you get more texture possibilities and a great sound for your TB-303 or favorite clone.

best distortion pedal for tb 303

Acid Reflux Damage Effects

TSX 303 Acid Reflux Damage Effects

Full Thick Distortion

TSX 303 Full Thick Distortion

Overdrive Effect

TSX 303 Overdrive Effect

Square Wave Test

TSX 303 Square Wave

Crunchy Knob

TSX 303 Crunchy Knob

Fatty Knob

TSX 303 Fatty Knob

Chubby Knob

TSX 303 Chubby Knob

Bass Drum test

TSX 303 Bass Drum test

Sound Textures

TSX 303 Sound Textures
tsx 303 V3 distortion in out overdrive effect pedal
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