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MAM MB 33 II VS TB 303

MAM MB 33 II Features :

OSCILLATOR WAVEFORM : Sawtooth, Square wave, Sub-oscillator

TUNE : Fine pitch adjustment (+/- 1 semitone)

FILTER: 18 dB low-pass filter


SUB MIX: Ratio of sub-oscillator (square-wave) to sawtooth/square-wave

ENV MOD: Amount control for modulating filter

CUTOFF: Upper cutoff frequency of the VCF

RESONANCE: Generates resonance in the cutoff frequency range

ACCENT: Amount of signal to modulate the filter and amplifier

EDIT MODE: Normal/Move switch

ENV PWM: Intensity of the square-wave pulse width modulation

DECAY: Envelope generator decay time

VOLUME: Master/headphone output level control

MASTER DISTORTION: Intensity of distortion effect



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Saw Wav - MAM MB 33 II

Square Wav - MAM MB 33 II

Saw Wav + Disto - MAM MB 33 II

Square Wav + Disto - MAM MB 33 II

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