TB-03 Bass Line VS TB303

x0xb0x sounds samples VS TB303

Roland TB-303 Clones Contest - TB-03 vs TB 303 - Audio Test

TB-03 features:


Tuning, Cutoff, Resonance, Env Mod, Decay, Accent, Tempo

Overdrive, Delay Time, Delay Feedback, Value, Volume.

Waveforms : Saw, Square

4-digit LED display

Midi In, Midi Out

Fine tempo control

Delay (Tape Echo/Digital Delay/Reverb)

OVERDRIVE (Overdrive/Distortion) three types

Trigger IN / CV and Gate OUT (1/8" jacks)

Audio: Headphone, Mix-in and Output 24-bit/96kHz stereo (1/8" jacks)

Backup patterns and tracks via USB (Micro-B type)

Classic TB Sequencer or Step Mode Sequencer

Storage: 96 patterns / 7 tracks.

tb-03 tb-303 clone



Saw Wav - TB-03

Square Wav - TB-03

Saw Wav + Disto - TB-03

Square Wav + Disto - TB-03

tb-03 Extra Sounds feautures
TB 303 Pedal Distortion Acid Test

best distortion pedal tb 303 overdrive

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