Roland Aira TB-3 vs TB-303 sound comparison

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Roland TB-303 Clones Contest - Audio Samples Roland Aira TB-3 VS Roland TB 303

Roland Aira TB-3 Features :

134 sounds, four new oscillators

Effects-processed basses, leads and sound effects

Control built-in effects

Pattern support for up to 32 steps, 64 patterns max

Random pattern generation and pattern modification

Pattern copy function

ENVELOPE / DECAY : pressure-sensitive touch pad

Scatter function features slicing, reverse, gating

Audio / MIDI USB port

XY Play-X for continuous pitch change, Y for volume

Dedicated Tempo control with shuffle and tap tempo functions

Analog Circuit Behavior technology

No Tune control but you can use the pad & the ENV MOD button

6 octave range


Pattern tip & tricks

Roland Aira TB-3 VS TB303 test



Saw Wav - AIRA TB3

Square Wav - AIRA TB3

Saw Wav + Disto - AIRA TB-3

Square Wav + Disto - AIRA TB-3

TB-3 Distortion Pedal Test
You can get really great sounds if you use the AIRA TB-3 with a distortion pedal, unlike the TT-303.
tb-3 vs alb 2 saw wave comparison

TB-3 vs AudioRealism ABL 2

tb-3 vs alb 2 saw comparison
tb-3 vs alb 2 square wave audio test

TB 3 vs Audio Realism ABL 2

tb-3 vs alb 2 square wave audio test
tb3 vs alb saw disto wave audio test

TB 3 vs Audio Realism ABL 2

tb-3 vs alb 2 saw disto comparison
tb3 vs alb square disto wave audio test

TB3 vs AudioRealism ABL-2

tb-3 vs alb 2 square comparison

Roland TB-3 Wishlist

Here is a list of features that need to be improved and some upgrades could be made

The TB-3 accent doesn't emulate perfectly the original and need to be improved

The TB-3 square wave need to be improved too

TB 303 Pedal Distortion Acid Test

best distortion pedal tb 303 overdrive

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