Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Analog Bassline Synthesizer

Trans-Bass-Xpress TBX VS TB303

Roland TB-303 Clones Contest - Audio Samples

Avalon Bassline Synthesizer VS TB 303

Avalon Features:

Core analog and digital circuitry based on TB-303

Synth Cartridge System

Filter tracking / accent decay / vca decay

Extended cutoff range / low frequency response switch

Modulation envelope: attack / decay time, vfc and vca modulation depths

Oscillator Waveforms : Square / Off / Saw

Sub Oscillator Waveforms : Square / Triangle / Saw


Main & headphone outputs, saw & square outputs, external input, filter & vca outputs

CV & gate input & output, filter cv Input, & accent sweep output

Patterns can be up to 64 steps

Real-time editing includes slide time select, utility envelope trigger mode, pattern step skipping, pattern reverse, rotate, random, & shuffle



Saw Wav - Avalon

Square Wav - Avalon

Saw Wav + Disto - Avalon

Square Wav + Disto - Avalon

Avalon Bassline Synth audio sample
TB 303 Pedal Distortion Acid Test

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