Roland Aira TB-3 Famous Patterns : Settings

famous Aira TB-3 patterns

TB-3 Tuning

If you want to have the same tonality of the famous patterns, you can adjust the tune in this way: Touch the pad while holding down the ENV MOD button until you reach 3.2.

TB-3 tune how tuning

Pattern Transpose

If you don't want to adjust the tune, you can tranpose a pattern in order to have the same tonality of the famous riffs. You have to press and hold the KEY-BOARD button and press the D# key.

TB-3 how transpose pattern

Accent Slide: tip & tricks

The sequencer of the Aira TB-3 doesn't behave exactly like the other TB clones. During the first week of use, I thought there was a problem with the accent. The sound was odd. But after analyzing few patterns, I found the problem: If you apply a slide and an accent, you MUST apply an accent the next note as you can see on the pictures below. Does the accent sounds the same as the TB-303? Almost , but I hope that Roland will work on it for the next update.

TB-3 accent slide settings

Pattern Length

The pattern length is really easy to adjust on the new TB3, compared with the old TB303. Press and hold the STEP REC button and turn the VALUE knob to change the length of a pattern.

TB-3 how pattern length

Extend sequencer note range

Finally with the latest update we are not limited to 3 octaves. We can now record pattern on a 6 octaves range, from C0 to C6. The famous pattern #03, #06 and #41 can be recorded in your TB3!

TB-3 6 octaves range

Envelope Mod and Decay

The first time I saw the new Roland TB-3, I wondered where the hell they put the Envelope Mod and Decay knobs? They replaced it with the X and Y axis of a touchpad. It's can be a cool thing but you can't have the same precision as the knobs. The default Env Mod Decay settings for the patterns is this one: the top left position.

TB-3 envelope mod decay settings

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