the beast pedal power adaptor
Only use a 9 or 12 Volt DC, 300-1000mA, Positive center, Unregulated power adaptor.

For best results set the volume of your 303 or x0xb0x at 100%

Mute / No sound

no sounds setting beast
With this knobs setting, you gonna hear no sound from the pedal.


lfo beast effect pedal

Filter types

lfo beast effect pedal
You can obtain two types of filter if you switch between contaminator and electrospeak

Low pass filter

low pass filter Beast

High pass filter

high pass filter Beast

Distortion types

Use the Fatty Distortion if you have a pattern with low tones.
Use the Chubby Distortion with mid-hight tones.

Chubby distortion

Chubby distortion Beast

Fatty distortion

Fatty distortion Beast

ElectroSpeak + Filter + Distortion

ElectroSpeak Filter Distortion Beast

Distortion + Contaminator + Filter

Distortion Contaminator Filter Beast


Contaminator Beast Pedal


Electrospeak Beast Pedal

Alienator Filter

Alienator Filter Beast Pedal

Overdrive / Square wave

If you want a great distorted sound with square wave or get an overdriven sound, simply reduce the volume of your 303 or bass synth at 90%

Internal resonance adjustment

Internal resonance adjustment
If you want to adjust the resonance, remove the 4 screws of the case
(below the pedal)

Turn carefully the trim pot with a small screw driver.

You can turn clockwise or counter clockwise, you will get the same result.

Be carefull, you can get very high and loud tones if the trimpot are turned completely.

But this is the best setting for percussion and bass drum sounds.