Founded in Quebec City by Mike the Modulator Man, Acid Voice was originally an
association devoted to DJ's and musicians who worshiped the famous TB-303.
The first member of the clan was DJ Axis who now lives and prospers in Montreal. It is in that city that Axis met DJ Kal and Lodgyk and convinced
them to join the group.

The first performance of the Acid Voice crew was @ 303 Coalition, organized by
Coon's production. This was in May 4th 1996. Acid Voice opposed the Fractal
surfer where hardcore met the renowned Acid noise!

After this party, the trio never spin again together. But in 1999, the Acid Voice
crew was redefined. DJ Axis and Mike the Modulator Man were invited by
Apocaliptyc’s Production to give their first live act. It was a totally improvisation
which lasted 9 hours! The best moments of this delirium was recorded and put
on their first album - Silver Box Session 1

Acid Voice is now working on their fourth studio album, en route for their
worldwide contribution to the survival of the true, genuine Acid techno sound.

Thanks to:

- Frederic Pelletier who sold us his instruments
  (303, 909, Juno 106, Jupiter 6) to buy a drum !

- Sarah Pageau who got the good idea to buy the newspaper this day.
- DJ Pierre, the founding fathers of the acid sound.
- Tadao Kikumoto, the creator of the Roland TB-303.
- Bruno Lachapelle & Nick B to have made us discover
  Acid tracks at the deceased Midnight.

- Apocaliptyc’s Production
- And all of you who still believe in 303.

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